It has been a while since I shared anything in this space; We’ve had a few busy weeks and aren’t sure when we will see a slowing down. I am surprised on how much our family’s dynamic is changing as Eliza gets bigger; This photo was taken on Sunday when I decided that only a roasted chicken dinner complete with wilted spinach and potatoes was in order to bring a bit of comfort to our table.

I decided to involve Sophia and Eliza in the cooking instead of occupying them with their toys and activities. The girls enjoyed being able to help and see how their chopped potatoes turned into roasted ones that were golden and delicious.

I recall that, when Sophia was just an infant, I would never be able to make a home-cooked dinner from scratch on my own. But as the months went by, I adapted and learned how to keep her occupied while I cooked. Then when Eliza came along, I couldn’t imagine being home with the both of them and managing serving their meal, much less cooking one. It is retrospections like this that confirm that, as the wise elders in my family say, this too shall pass.

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On life, it’s meaning, the people we choose to walk alongside on this wild and crazy ride we call life. 

My family lost someone very special this past weekend. Though not unexpected, the loss feels just as difficult as if it were sudden. I cannot fully describe my own feelings because I do not believe that I’ve really processed it all. 

At times like this, when my heart feels emptier, the sage advice, to “not postpone joy”, feel as poignant as it does today. 

Our weekend was otherwise calm, peaceful, relaxing, and filled with a few hours of peace and quiet while the kids enjoyed an entire day with their Baba and Deda. We made the most of Sunday-Funday with a dance class, a movie afternoon, and homemade Pizza Margherita Sophia and Evan made together. 



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It doesn’t happen every weekend but often enough that we have the luxury of sharing the girls with the grandparents for the whole day (breakfast-late afternoon). Until this weekend, the honor belonged to my parents but this Saturday Evan’s parents rolled out the craft carpet and welcomed Sophia and Eliza into their home.   

What happens at Grammie and Pop’s house, stays at Grammie and Pop’s house. Whatever they did, Eliza and Sophia came home overjoyed. Meanwhile, while the kitties were away, the mice (Evan and I) played.  

There were breakfast tacos with pico de gallo and guacamole, and an afternoon movie. It wasn’t all relaxation though—we cooked up a storm to get a head start on the workweek. There was chili, bahn mi turkey burgers, an egg salad, and a banana bread to round out the savories. Whew! I’m tired just remembering all the cooking not to mention the work itself. All in all, the weekend went by too quickly. We are grateful to have gotten an opportunity to enjoy a meal in peace, watch a movie in the afternoon, and just … be. 

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