That head of tousled hair, those blue-green eyes, that soul and its mind-blowing imagination. The eyes, they say, are the window to a person’s soul and if that is so, then Sophia’s must be a big, passionate one. I was digging through thousands of pictures this weekend and came upon this very one. It is a year old and, while her hair is longer and she knows what a contraption is, Sophia is still the same gentle soul whose silly side comes out for those she knows and loves most. No weekending post recap — we’re thinking back on easier, simpler times.

Food For Thought Moments


Life Moments

A true artist I am not, but that doesn’t always stop me from trying especially for a good cause/occasion such as Mother’s Day. Faced with the dilemma of choosing a gift, I realized that the Mothers in our lives didn’t really want for anything in particular and of material value.

I headed to Sophia and Eliza’s favorite neighborhood arts and crafts store and picked up a few supplies for a small art project that the girls (with some help from me) could make for the occasion. A few minutes later I left with handmade cotton paper, a #2 thin black marker, and two color stamp pads.


IMG_3806The idea was simple enough: use the girls fingerprints for to create animals and bugs that would, when arranged just so, make a small artwork. I used the thin black marker to draw the outlines of the creatures and write a sweet message underneath.

IMG_3793We wrote messages from the girls on the inside along with our own wishes and thanks and put the notes in the mail. These should make lovely keepsakes since they capture Sophia and Eliza’s fingerprints just as they are now. We spent the rest of the weekend busy celebrating birthdays and enjoying Mother’s Day as it should be—relaxing.

IMG_3810 (1)

Crafts Life

I cannot, in all honesty, admit to having been an avid reader as a child. There were however authors, like Alexander Pushkin, and pieces that were too beautiful to pass on. I thought of him, his ability to use ordinary words to describe emotions and feelings with such beauty and grace.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 12.16.47 PM

Quite poignant as on a day when the skies outside were glum and when life’s weight felt, for me, too heavy. The briefest glimpse of this little person and the happiness she exudes parted all sadness and worry at least for the time being.