You and I, We’re Going To Be Alright!

Transitions, transitions… the fall is creeping up on me. Sophia’s birthday is creeping up on me. I started a new project at work that has me working out of a new office. My new office is a pretty sleek research center where I get to collaborate with researchers from many different companies and it is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. I park at my old office and then walk half a mile to my new digs which I have lovingly termed “the salt mines” … :-). Everyone there is young, energized; it is rather invigorating as is the chilly walk at 7 in the morning.

I leave the house at 6:30 (AM) to beat the morning rush-hour. There is something peaceful about roads that are not filled with cars and drivers not possessed by road-rage. There are downsides to such an early departure — seeing my baby slumber peacefully and knowing that it will be 5 pm before I see her and she sees me for the first time today. I was thinking about that today and as exhausting as the last few weeks have been, and as difficult as it is to leave the house knowing I don’t get to say good morning to her as soon as she wakes up, I am so happy to get out.

I find it to be exhilarating to be around people, stop by a coffee shop playing mellow techno music and be inspired by everyone there who is talking, working, reading. Seems that I have escaped this fate.

My reunion with Sophia is that much sweeter when she finally sees me. Now-a-days, she has stories to [kind of] tell me — like what she did at the park and who she saw.

That is my view on the way to work…

For now, we forge ahead knowing that transitions can be good.

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