Turning Baby Food into Delicious Grown-Up Fare

There I was, looking at the extra large batch of baked sweet potato I had made for Sophia. I quickly realized that freezing it seemed like a hassle. Besides, who knows how well the sweet potato will fare the freezer. I decided that since we are making our own baby food and it is really just a slightly more pureed version of what we eat anyways, there is nothing wrong with making our meal out of Sophia’s. I decided to also use up some goat cheese we’d had in the refrigerator and the idea of making fried balls of goodness (like Arancini) was born. I took the mashed sweet potato, added an egg, salt, pepper and about a half a cup of flour. The dough that it became, was still very wet and sticky. I used two spoons to shape canelle-like balls inserting rolled up goat cheese inside. Once shaped, each one was rolled in Panko. The faux arancini were ready for a quick bath in the hot oil.They were divine served hot! But then again, what fried food isn’t?


  1. "Bubbie" said:

    Wow that looks “yummy”. Only problem is that I need Tums after fried anything!! love, Bubbie

    April 19, 2012
  2. Dana said:

    These look delicios… I’d eat anything with goat cheese inside, even baby food…
    BTW, if I want to share one of your posts with my readers, is it ok with you (I’m not sure of you’re looking for traffic, some bloggers don’t)?

    April 20, 2012
  3. Nadya said:

    Thanks. You’re welcome to share my posts; I am not concerned about traffic volume and always welcome readership.

    April 20, 2012

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