A Feast Fit for A Queen

Well… at least it is a feast fit for the princess of our household. Farmer’s markets are bountiful this time of year and after visiting one in Saturday’s heat, I had enough produce to conjure up the Plat du Jour.

Sophia’s lunch was: Pattypan and Potato Sautee with Russian-Style Turkey Cutlets. It was a rather easy meal to prepare and took all of 30-45 minutes with minimal cleanup prep and cleanup. Those are the types of meals I like best, always have and especially now that time is gold platinum.

I’d like to say that I plan my menu meticulously and make long grocery mart lists, but in reality, I like to buy what is best that day and develop the menu as I make my way along the market. I saw these amazing pattypans and thought that it would be a crime not to get them. Usually, I make a delicious curried pattypan soup, but since I am not sure Sophia will appreciate curry as much as we do, I decided to make the sautee.

The ingredients: onion, pattypan, potatoes, olive oil and salt (very little). Then, as I wandered through the store admiring all the primal cuts of meat, I decided that little Sophia would probably not be ready to tuck into lamb chops especially since we have yet to spy a tooth in that mouth! I settled on a pound of lean ground turkey. The cutlets, which my mother is famous for, I needed an egg yolk, 1/3 lb turkey meat, 1/8th onion finely diced.

Mixed together and seared five minutes a side, they’re easy.

Truth be told that I ate them so much as a child that I develoepd a dislike for them; Too much of a good thing is never a good thing. This was the first time I’ve ever made them and they were good.

My husband was quick to point out that were not as good as my mom’s and that’s fine by me. I can’t expect to achieve her perfection in one try.


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