Life’s a Song

The extraordinary positive impact music can impart on our state of mind, both emotionally and physically is well known. In fact, thanks to iTunes, iPods and now iPhones, we can have our favorite tunes with us, always.

Sophia almost always listens to her favorite kids songs on our drives and I have gotten into the habit of using my 45 minute commutes (that’s one way, by the way) to listen to my own playlists that help me decompress before coming home to my second full-time job. Many of my Food for Thought posts and my master’s thesis were written as I listened to music. Music is also how I coped with the stresses and challenges in planning a wedding, and, it ended up being a great escape and provided our guests with some good entertainment.

Courtesy of Shelley and Keith Photography


In fact, music, and more specifically our band, were among the best decisions we made when we planned our wedding. When deciding on a general theme or feel, we steered away from anything too trendy wanting to avoid being labeled as a wedding from that generation and chose a Big Band theme. Well, if you’re going to have a Big Band-themed wedding, you must have a Big Band. We hired Jump City Orchestra to play during our cocktail hour and reception. The band was spectacular and we knew they would ensure a good time for everyone there.

Courtesy of Shelley and Keith Photography


Alas, to prepare for the wedding, we signed up for dance classes and spent a few months perfecting the foxtrot. People spend serious money on flowers, caterers, and wedding  dresses but seem to ignore the fact that the most important aspects of the wedding, the reason there is a wedding is because there are two people who want to say their vows in front of family and friends and then have a party, too. As such, if you’re going to commit to putting on a wedding, commit to learning how to dance — it is something you will do for yourself, something that you will take with after the evening is over.

We didn’t want to just memorize dance moves to our first dance song, and instead enjoyed learning the dance and practiced quite a bit. At first, it was intimidating, but as we got more comfortable, we began to really enjoy it. To this day, although we are a bit rusty now-a-days, we are glad that we invested a bit of money into those private lessons because nothing can lift your mood like a dance to a beautiful song.

Whether you are trying to get a better workout, get inspired to express an opinion or work off a few calories on the dance floor listen to some of your favorite tunes and enjoy the results.

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