Playing Catch-Up

Our weekend shenanigans caught up with us sooner rather than later. My parents’ care package wasn’t elastic but did sustain us long enough to make a mid-week trip to the grocery store for some necessities. Because I’ve been on a baking binge as of late, I decided to give this French apple cake a try and must admit that it turned out wonderfully. I always get melancholy when we leave our wonderful families and there is nothing better to lift my spirits then the aroma of something baking in the house. And so, I made the cake on Sunday, shortly after we returned to our abode and unpacked. As a side-note: if you do try the recipe, use three large apples or four medium ones. I used three large ones instead and thought they were plenty.


Then, and because cake is by no means a meal, we had to come up with dinner. This is where Evan stepped in and treated Sophia and me to a home-made, wok-stir-fried chicken with broccoli and red peppers. I think the recipe is his own, though he uses a marinade from this book. Paired with some sticky japanese rice, this meal was divine and not just because it was cooked for me, but because it was green and light.


After this type of a meal, a slice of apple cake is definitely a must!


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