Tasty Tuesday

Though every day is tasty at our house, there are some days during which we share a special treat. Donuts, Hot Chocolate, Philly Pretzels, and Pizza are good examples. I have to confess to not at all liking, no, disliking, okay really disliking soft pretzels. It may have something to do with the fact that I have a mild allergy toward mustard which I imagine is a must on a soft pretzel or the fact that I didn’t grow up eating them.

Despite keeping tabs on whats been going on in the city, we’ve missed out on experiencing culinary happenings while living in Maryland. And so we’ve been slowly trying out all the exciting places that have popped up since 2010 and there have been many. This weekend, we tried out Federal Donuts which were divine. We had high expectations after reading the menu which featured Vanilla Lavender, Blue Velvet, Cherry Pie and Blueberry Mascarpone to name a few.





The donuts were light and cake-y and didn’t feel fried or greasy. The glazes were tart and light and didn’t overwhelm the senses with clawing sweetness that is often times the case with glazed donuts. My favorite were, unexpectedly, cherry pie and blue velvet.

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