There is Nothing “Short” About These Ribs

Why is the weather forecast always gloomy, rainy and cold for the weekends and gloriously sunny when we are stuck in our offices? Perhaps it just seems so, but even the gloomiest of forecasts (55*F in late April is a crime!) couldn’t put a frown on our weekend.

Hubby was away at a conference (vacation if you ask me) in Vancouver from last Sunday to Thursday. Sophia and I both missed him immensely and planned on nothing but family time, fun and relaxation for this weekend regardless of the weather. Once back, hubby and I even got a chance to run to the market on Friday instead of the weekend and stocked up on all sorts of goodies. Among the goodies were short ribs. What a perfect idea for a gloomy day and a multi-day, one-pot wonder?! So today, while hubby pitched in with daddy duty, I made a stew. Actually, I am still making it as we speak since it is in our oven cooking low and slow, spreading delicious aromas of rosemary and thyme throughout our house. To me, nothing says “Welcome Home” and “I am glad its the Weekend” more than a homey, comforting, warm, aromatic short rib stew.  Lastly, a call out to my AMAZING mother-in-law who came to stay with me while hubby went on his conf…ehem..vacation to help with Sophia and generally keep company.

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