When The Short Tick Tock Needle Hits Five

No matter how green the grass is on the other side, there are always imperfections. Working parents are often times thrilled to get out and interact with peers and solve creative problems and yet are sometimes jealous that stay-at-home parents get morning cuddles with their children. I am sure that stay-at-home parents are jealous of working parents who get to go out and be just them and not Mom and Dad. 

I have written several posts about being a working mom and while I am happy with my choice, there are of course drawbacks. Sophia has recently increased her attachment to me by what seems to be five-fold. Not only does she want to spend time with me every minute that I am home, she now wants to cuddle more, get hugs and kisses in the middle of the night and be changed and dressed only by me if I am in the house. I don’t mind doing any of that because I am keenly very aware that one day, she will no longer want hugs or kisses (at least not in public) or need my help getting dressed.

There is something that makes me very melancholy and that is that she cries when I have to head to work (if she is awake), she gets extra clingy worrying that I’ll leave in the middle of the night. The latter is probably due to the fact that I leave at 6:30 AM when she is still asleep.

We’ve started to teach her that everyone follows some sort of a routine and that our routine is such that five days a week “Mommy is going to work and will be back in the evening”. We are also teaching her to read time in a very rudimentary manner. We showed her that when the short needle is over the number five, either mom or dad will be home.

Even that is not enough and we find ourselves reiterating “Mommy is ALWAYS coming back”.

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