It turns out time really does fly when you’re having fun but new experiences make our weekends feel like they’re longer than they are. Don’t believe me? Read the science of it all here.

We spent Memorial Day Weekend riding many rides at Hershey Park. We were last in Hershey in late December 2015 when Eliza was far too little to appreciate the magic of what Sophia lovingly calls “Chocolate Town”. The end of May seemed like a great time to go and a long weekend provided just enough time to recuperate from all the rides and the fun there.


Life’s been hectic around these parts lately. We rang in mother’s day at home, filled with home-made cinnamon buns, hand-made crafts, and a viewing of The Light Princess at the Arden. There was also playground time, more crafting, and generally a day organized for me by Sophia and Eliza. This is the first year both the girls are cognizant of the holiday and wanted to spend every single moment of it with me. The pictures, as few as there are, are forthcoming. Until then… a deeper glance into our recent vacation.

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Everything including the Sisters Forever necklaces was just so for our evening outing on Easter Sunday. We, and what seemed like a thousand other people, thought ourselves none-the-wiser in venturing out to Franklin Square for a carousel ride. The place was packed which, admittedly, did not diminish our enjoyment though we did retire to a quiet oasis of a park nearer our house and played tag. Something about spring, the blooms, and the warmer weather makes everyone restless and excited to stretch their limbs on the green grass.

The blog has been quiet inversely reflecting the freneticism of our daily lives and, still, there is not much to write about despite the busyness. Instead, I’ll share some recent verbal bloopers which had us in fits of giggles.

Eliza: “Mama, does this ipress (impress) you?”

Sophia: “If you don’t give me this, you and I won’t be besties ever again!”

Eliza: “I am so glad our family is back together again!”

Sophia: “Mama, were you a princess for Papa at your wedding?”

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