The Pecking Order

We all know that familial pecking order is established early in on most families — even before kids come along. Our family is egalitarian except now… Sophia has established a firm pecking order as evident in her morning wake-up routine.

When we hear that she is waking up, we rush downstairs to get a bottle of warm milk ready. Who wouldn’t want to wake up with a bottle of warm milk every day and lounge in your pajamas for a little bit?

She woke up this morning while I was getting ready for work. Hubby ran down the stairs to get the bottle and as it was warming up, he could hear Sophia clearly announce her perception of the pecking order

<wait 5 seconds>
<wait 5 seconds>
[nanny's name]
 <wait 5 seconds>
Pop [hubby's dad]
 <wait 5 seconds>
Baaaabbbaaaa [my mom]

This must be an indication of Sophia’s perception of the pecking order in our family.

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