We’re Refugees

The hubby played with Sophia while I downloaded all our new pictures from our camera; I was readying them for their grand debut on the blog and on our family albums. I closed down shop right before Sophia’s bath and thought I’d finish during her morning nap on Saturday.

We awoke that evening at 10:30 PM (Yes, we go to bed early since our child only sleeps in 3 hour increments at night, STILL… at almost 9 months) to thunder and flickering lights. At first, we didn’t think much of it but changed our minds instantly when we saw tree limbs the size of my car flying around our house. You see, our house is in a beautiful, wooded neighborhood where the association does not permit tree removal unless the tree is dead. In any event, it is shaded, beautiful and green in the spring and summer and gorgeous with bright oranges and reds in the fall. However, because these trees are easily 50ft tall, they tend to fall, split and cause serious damage when there are high winds. Last year, when I was 9 months pregnant with Sophia, a huge limb fell on our roof and broke 2 skylights.

All I remember from this past Friday is running into the nursery and grabbing Sophia out very fast and running downstairs into the family room. The storm was vicious and once the winds died down, the rain came. It poured for 45 minutes and then quieted down. We thought that the power which was already out would come back by the next morning. But after walking Sophia through the neighborhood and seeing two houses split in half by HUGE trees that fell, we realized that maybe this was bigger than we thought. We found out that reached 80 mph from reading news reports while driving up to Delaware.

Before running off to DE, we went to try and gas up my car which took 4 attempts since power was down and stations without generators couldn’t pump. The one or two that could pump had huge queues outside that spilled onto the roads and after waiting for 45 minute to get gas, we were ready to buy a cooler, throw in my stash of frozen breast milk and RUN to cooler places.

So, that’s where we are: at my parents’ house waiting out the heat and hoping that our electricity is restored sometime soon. It has been out since Friday, and the electric company estimates that it’ll be on by Friday. I’d like to remind that 4th of July is Wednesday and that the power company’s estimate is a cool SEVEN days to full restoration.


  1. Dana said:

    Oh my, honey, that is scary!!! Thanks goodness, you’re ok!

    On another note, I don’t mean to discourage you, but this sleeping pattern may last for awhile. Our son was a terrible sleeper all over, so no need to tell you these horror stories, but even our little miss, whom I would consider a relatively good sleeper (at least comparing to the son), still wakes up 3 hour after she goes to sleep and then probably couple of times more during the night. We’re co-sleeping and it’s helping a lot. I know that many people don’t feel comfortable with it, in which case forget what I’m saying here, but have you considered it, especially since you’re still breastfeeding? For us it’s a lifesaver, we SLEEP, have been from the day one.

    July 2, 2012

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