A Long Goodbye…

…Goodnight snacks Goodnight sweets

Goodnight sumptuous meats

Goodnight pasta and goodnight bread

Goodnight full fat yogurt and whole milk

And Goodnight to all the yummy rich indulgences everywhere…

Alas… as Sophia nears her first birthday, I can divert my focus from making sure she has ample milk to making sure I transition to eating for one and not two. I have indulged for the last 11 months in eating pretty much anything I wanted and sometimes overindulging too. People are always so understanding when you’re a new mom. I realize that the “new” tag can only stick for so long; and something tells me that you’re not a “new” anything once your baby is 12+ months. I cannot say that I was a huge health fanatic before I had Sophia, but having her made me realize how I would want her to lead a healthy lifestyle and as such, will have to live to be an example.

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