Operation Barefoot

Children are happiest when their parents are happy. Happiness and what makes people happy differs from individual to individual. For me, happiness is travel. I cannot say I was unhappy, but I am content — now.

Hubby and me, the beach, a few days, a few books and a glass of something cold. Nothing fancy … the glamour of it all is that for us, life’s biggest luxuries are time, sun and quiet.

We did the unthinkable — left Sophia behind for a few days with Baba and Deda and headed off to sleep, read, rest, unwind, catch up and make sure new places, new people, and new foods still excited us.

Leaving her was easy. We had an understanding with my parents that they will follow our agreed-on routine and we trusted them. The most difficult part was trying not to think about Sophia and wonder what she must be doing.

As they say, nothing worthwhile comes easy. I couldn’t wait to run off the plane, to get in the car, to run into the house and to hug that child of ours. I hoped there were no delays. I missed her terribly.

It was good for us because we are not just mom and dad but regular ordinary people with hobbies, interests, and busy routines. It was good for Sophia because she will learn that while noone can replace parents, family is a close, close second. Will we leave her again? Probably not. It isn’t what you think. It’s simply that as she gets older, traveling will become easier and we will relish discovering new places with Sophia–through her eyes.

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    August 10, 2015

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