Traveling with Infant

This blog was started on the premise that we shall document our travel and culinary adventures with little Sophia. Alas, we have ventured outside the comfort zone of visiting our parents and straight into the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. The weekend was booked solid with a good friend’s wedding where hubby was supporting the groom as his best man. The details were revealed to us months in advance and our plan was hatched soon thereafter. The wedding itself took place on Saturday. There of course was plenty of rehearsing and a dinner on Friday to welcome everyone to the wedding weekend. As we live in Maryland (very close to Washington D.C.,), we needed TWO days to get to NYC. This wasn’t because our mode of transportation was a horse and buggy, but because one of our passengers (little Sophia) only travels well while napping and her nap happens to last two hours (if we’re lucky).

My husband’s parents were also invited to the wedding, so we reached out to my folks to travel with us to babysit while we were out celebrating. We started off by traveling to Wilmington, Delaware on Thursday afternoon for the first leg of our journey. Sophia slept in the car and we arrived two hours after departing without much incident. Friday morning, we repacked the car and traveled with my parents in tow to Manhattan. The drive itself was fine, although Sophia woke up after a 1 hr nap and decided she needed to be entertained the rest of the way. She finally had had enough and started to seriously protest while we were stuck in traffic coming out of the Lincoln Tunnel.

After dropping off the hubby by the gorgeous St. Thomas Church, we proceeded to the Yale Club where the wedding would be held on Saturday. Check-in was swift and we even got a little fridge and a crib in our room. All was fine except Sophia refused to take an evening bottle from my mother. Saturday was a whirlwind with running around the city and my parents and in-laws were saints for taking care of Sophia while we got ready. The wedding went off without a hitch and great fun was had by all. Sophia is a bit overwhelmed and tired after all the festivities and time away from home. On the upside, all her toys at home are brand new (to her) and she is rediscovering them all over again.

Lessons learned: bathtime in an unfamiliar environment is not nearly as relaxing, habits are hard to break for little ones and city noise is impossible to sleep through unless you are bred, born and raised in the city.

Will we travel again? Absolutely, soon and even further if we can.


  1. Dana said:

    You, guys, are brave! 😉 We try to travel, and do try to enjoy it, but I find it very stressful at this point.

    May 22, 2012
  2. Nadya said:

    Well, you have two running around. That’s 1:1 ratio of child to adult. We are thus far outnumbering the child and that’s what helps. I was of course stressed… but it is something we had to do.

    May 23, 2012

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