Beets Me

Per hubby’s [nonstop] requests, I have decided to start to learn some of the Russian dishes I’ve grown up enjoying. What better way to learn than to share it with those who haven’t tried before?! The first dish I’ve made was my mom’s layered vegetable salad. When finished, it looks like a pink cake because of the beets on top. Even my father-in-law, who is not a huge beet eater I gather, tried it (and liked it)! My mom boils the vegetables (potatoes, carrots, eggs and beets) while I baked the beets and carrots. I think it made a huge difference and was actually better. Sorry, Mom!

Beet TortThe next step is to add schmaltz herring to the salad and that would make it herring under a coat or селедка под шубой. That may be too adventurous for my father-in-law who already obliges hubby and me in our constant attempts to stretch his comfort zone in all things culinary delights.


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  1. bubbie said:

    It looks delicious to me……and the herring is the best topping. My Mom always made smaltz herring to break fast at Yom Kippur…..and I loved it!

    March 12, 2013

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