It’s Summer, Let’s Party (Part III)

It is official, the husband has reviewed my menu for the family BBQ and said it is “a bit ambitious”. That’s good — I like a challenge. Here is how I plan on spreading out the cooking to make sure that I don’t cook late into the night on Friday AND am able to enjoy Saturday morning and the party in the afternoon.


  1. Bake chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies
  2. Cook strawberry and rhubarb blondes
  3. Bake cupcakes
  4. Cut the pineapple for the grilling
  5. Make vanilla ice cream for grilled pineapple
  6. Make court-bouillon and cook shrimp
  7. Make cocktail sauce
  8. Make hummus
  9. Cut veggies and make dip
  10. Make truffled mushroom mac & cheese
  11. Marinate chicken two ways (in yoghurt and spices and in olive oil and herbs de provence)


  1. Grill pineapple
  2. Grill chicken and sausage
  3. Make guacamole
  4. Prep and grill vegetables
  5. Prep and roast asparagus
  6. Prep and roast potatoes (two ways)
  7. Prep and grill veggie burgers
  8. Serve everything


  1. Dana said:

    You’re my hero!!! It’s a LOT!!!!

    June 21, 2012

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