It’s Summer, Let’s Party (Part 1)

Summer is here in full swing. In fact, it is here a little too much… I’ll give up a few degrees of heat to anyone in a cooler climate. We did not know this before, but the D.C. area sits on a giant swamp which means two things: humidity and bugs.

All that aside… we’ve owned our home for a little over a year now and have had informal gatherings for friends and immedeate family, but have not had a chance to welcome our extended families over. We’re finally doing that! Taking the plunge in entertaining with an eight and a half month old. The date: Saturday… the guest list consists of 20+ family members including wee ones. This is a test of our planning and execution proficiency in our cooking and entertaining departments. The next few posts will chronicle us getting ready by cleaning up, organizing, planning the menu and starting to cook. We are sharing our ongoing experience so that anyone who is thinking of entertaining with a little baby can learn from our experience too.

The last two weekends were spent in organizing the house which, much to my own embarrassment, still had boxes laying around in various rooms from our move. My parents came down both this and past weekend to help with some outdoor work and unpacking. As painful as it is (and was) to unpack, this party is a great forcing function in the long process of turning the house into a home. Thus far, the hubby and my parents put in many, many hours of yard work, window and skylight washing, and de-cluttering.

Next up, we will be planning the menu for the event and starting to cook sometime Friday (hopefully not late into the night). Stay tuned for the menu and in-progress pictures.


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