An Easy Summer-Time Dinner

For us, summer screams light, fragrant flavors and aromas. Stews and dishes that require a long cooking time are long gone and we rely heavily on light meals such as this one that hubby whipped up in 15 minutes while I kept him company over a glass of wine and Sophia played in the kitchen. Those by the way (lingering over a glass of wine while watching Sophia play and hubby cook) are my dream moments that have crept up more often recently. And I’ll gladly take them as I cannot attain uninterrupted nighttime sleep.

Anyway, back to the dinner: 16-20 ct pink shrimp (my preferred type and size to maximize flavor and minimize risk of overcooking), a bit of basil, a small clove of garlic, Angel hair pasta and olive oil are all you need. You also need 1 pan and 1 pot. Bring a pot full of water to boil. Sear the shrimp off ~2 minutes a side and set aside. Once you have finished cooking the shrimp, throw in the pasta. It will cook for TWO minutes. Drizzle yet more olive oil into the pan where you cooked the shrimp, turn the heat down to the lowest level and grate the clove of garlic. The point is not to cook the garlic, but to have it perfume the olive oil. After 30 seconds, put the now drained pasta into the pan with the olive oil and garlic, mix well, add the shrimp, basil and serve.

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