We celebrated Sophia’s fourth birthday today. Four. I find it hard to believe that she’s been in our lives for that long and it is difficult to remember what life was like before her. 

Sophia is not an easy child. But as we all know, in life things that are easy don’t give you profound pleasure or joy. And Sophia does. Her every milestone feels well-earned, almost deserved, and sweet like berries at their summer peak. The best thing about Sophia isn’t her blue eyes or beautiful smile, or even her kindness. It is her ability to teach me life lessons and remind me what is truly important. I’m forever grateful for my lessons and for having her in my life. I promise to honor my end of the bargain, to be there. For now, “there” is at pre-school, but as she grows older, “there” will no longer imply a physical but an emotional state. 

Happy Birthday!

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