A Wise Man Once Told Me…

The fact is that even people who are trained teachers and psychologists are challenged on a daily basis in their attempts to parent their children. In fact, I don’t believe that any amount of education in any field can adequately prepare you for the task of bringing up the next generation.

“The amount of time you will spend with your child is constant. You will spend it either when they are little by playing, learning and teaching or you will spend it later in a therapist’s office listening how your child really feels.” These words are perhaps the most salient advice I’ve received about parenting. They are the advice of my husband’s graduate advisor who besides being an incredible applied mathematician, is very wise.

Simple, right? Spend more time getting to know your child now and there will be fewer unanswered questions and surprises down the road. And isn’t this what we are doing — getting to know our children? A child’s personality is pretty much set at birth and unlikely to change. Our job, albeit terrifying at times, is to shape them as people and teach them how to cope with various situations in life.

Every weekday as the clock ticks 4 PM, I will myself away from my computer and begin my second shift of the day as a Mama. I remind myself that albeit it is the afternoon shift, it is the most important one of the day, of my life.

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