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We had a great weekend! My sister and her family came to visit with us for the day on Saturday. It rained out our grand plans for a lazy day at the neighborhood pool, but the weather didn’t deter us from family time. My nephew recently, and for the first time ever, went away to overnight camp. He had a great time and the letters we got from there speak to that. My sister and brother-in-law received a letter almost every day. We found out on Saturday that the counselors would offer the kids canteen if they wrote a letter :-).

But I digress… while at camp and without being prompted by anyone, he bought Sophia a toy froggy with his own allowance. He presented Sophia with his offering as soon as he arrived at our house. She’s been fast friends with the Froggy and remembers it as soon as she wakes up. She also says “Sam brought it to you” when she picks it up. This is because we reminded her that he brought it to “you” when addressing her and she doesn’t know yet that she has to say “he brought it to me”. 

His thoughtfulness — not about the gift — but rather that he thought about her while away reminded me of a quote from this lovely book. His care for Sophia is real and I know that it will never become unreal. In fact, it was never unreal to begin with.


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Moments Past Present

Imitation is one of life’s biggest compliments, right? Here’s Sophia trying to imitate smiling — naturally. Fear not, we’re not trying to coach her for child modeling. Although…. no, no, we’re not.

Step One, SmileHere she is smiling on command…

Smiling BetterHere is a slightly more refined smile… after some coaching …

… and …

Nothing beats the real thing!

The Real ArticleYou’ll have to excuse the phone photography and overlook the bruise on the lip and nose… sigh.




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This Sunday morning happened to have also been Mother’s day; Left to our own devices – we let spontaneity rule and ended up having a glorious day. Sophia “wrote” me a Mother’s day card and so did my husband — her’s was a little more … abstract. While reading admiring her card, I couldn’t help but think about just how fortunate I am to have her in my life.

I have done quite a bit of thinking in the past few days on mothering, parenting, co-parenting, grand-parenting. On Mother’s Day in particular, I couldn’t help but think about the enormous responsibility it is to mother (not just be a mother). And then it happened — a small wish with an enormous meaning. My dad is not a man of many words. Though he is a colonel and appears stoic on the outside, he’s really a big teddy bear. He said to me yesterday that I was loved before, but am loved so much more, if that is even possible, because I gave him and my mom the ultimate gift (Sophia). Those words, so poignant, so touching helped me realize that Sophia is who she is, where she is and how she is BECAUSE of me and NOT DESPITE me. So take note, people. 🙂

Here are some snapshots from the day …


Farmer's Market 1

Farmer's Market 2


Playground Fun



Charcoal-grilled skirt steak marinated in a lime-scallion marinade served with baby tomato, cucumber and lettuce salad


Strawberry-rhubarb crumble with orange essence

Dinner served on a tablecloth purchased in Provence in 2007, flowers are azaleas from my own yard in a small vase my mom gave me…

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I’ve been jonesing for an outdoor bench for quite a bit of time. With Mother’s Day being right around the corner, I have finally taken the plunge and treated myself to this. Spring, you see, only lasts like 2 days in our neck of the woods. We have to make the most of it and the glorious outdoors it affords before it goes away. Poof…. just like that!



Sleeping in is a thing of the past as are long coffee dates and lounging over a latte. That being said, the present is just as good if not better. This Sunday in particular marks a new, a season of being out and about, meeting people and spending time as a family. My parents aren’t the only ones who work multiple jobs to maintain a household. I am very proud of my husband for taking on three jobs for the past 7-8 months. He has his regular day job, owns his own business and took on a teaching gig at his alma mater. At last … , the teaching gig has come to an end and he’s blissfully basking in the freedom afforded by two jobs :-). This also means more family time. That, and the coming spring enabled us to make an excursion to Meridian Hill Park in D.C. to spend a lovely morning with a former co-worker of his and some friends … just … cavorting oh and slack-lining.


We all have our priorities … and Sophia’s are to pick dandelions!

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… I am sure you haven’t heard of the term Nap Date before. Fear not… it is not a new concept. In fact, I now realize that nap dates are the reason parents stay sane … and have more children. Maybe, maybe not. It is the reason hubby and I stay sane. We put Sophia down for a nap and have a date — sometimes. Other times, we catch up on house/yard work. We try to leave the weekend to be as free and relaxing as possible so that we can maximise our time with Sophia and minimize our time out running errands. This weekend, we managed to squeeze a healthy lunch and a less than healthy drink to follow (yin and yang). First up is our kale and other hearty green salad with hothouse cucumber, carrot and red pepper with an avocado dressing.







Then there were the blood orange margaritas.Blood Orange MargaritaAnd that, ladies and gentlemen, made for a lovely Saturday. The weather was great, the food and drink oh so delicious and seeing my husband and child spend quality time together — well, that is just about as good as life gets.


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We visit my family quite a bit. In turn, they visit us often too. I’m always touched when I see Sophia’s slightly unsteady run toward our kitchen’s sliding door when hubby or I exclaim that Baba and Deda are here. Likewise, I’m always overcome with a sense of peace/relief when I peer through the window in the front door of my parents’ home and see my dad’s enthusiastic jaunt to open it for us.

Shortly after we arrive home to Delaware, it is becomes obvious that our favorite dishes are are on the stove. My mom is quick to point out that she made a few things for Sophia and that she wants to see what our little girl thinks of them. The house is filled with quiet excitement — a few precious days together.

As we usually arrive in the evening, we catch up and plan the next day or two over dinner. The next morning after hearing Sophia rouse, we invariably hear a faint knock. One of my parents is asking for the baby, offering for us to sleep in.
At first, I resist giving the baby to them, knowing they worked all week and could use the rest. After a few minutes, I relent but find that sleep evades me, anyway. I dress and come down to watch how Sophia plays and coos in my mom’s lap. I smell freshly brewed coffee, run for a hot cup and continue to catch up with my mom. I ask her why she goes to such great lengths when we come. Time and again she says that this is how it was when she, my dad, sister and I visited my Baba and Deda and this is how it should be when kids come home for a visit. She is quick to add that she wishes she made this and that: more of hubby’s favorite dishes. I’m quick to ask what about what I like?! She laughs and says that she likes to please her sons. “I don’t have to impress you; you will forgive me always”.
The time to go home creeps up and I or hubby find ourselves playing the role of Inspector General surveying goodies heading home with us. I try to limit what goes in the goody bag(s) being conscientious of the labor that goes into cooking or buying it and not wanting to take advantage. When we leave, my husband and I reminisce on yet another 5 star, all-inclusive experience. We will be back. We will always be back.
What makes the whole experience so irresistible, so amazing, isn’t the food or stiff, clean linens. It is that we simply feel expected, welcome, and thought of.

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Moments — the kind I post every week. Each one a snapshot of something special to me. Tied together, they tell a story. Enjoy almost a full year of moments with us. *Please turn the volume up as you play the video.

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