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Spring is officially here and it doesn’t look scared enough to run back and hide behind winter. Whew! We traveled to see family again this weekend. I promise, we will stay put for a while now. Sophia, as we found out, gets motion sick and travel is really unbearable with her. She vomits after 10 minutes in the car. 🙁
Anyway… Back to the rest of the post; my brother-in-law turned the BIG 4-0; I gave him plenty of grief about it — had to or else he’d think I was going soft in my old age. My sister threw him an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G party yesterday. 40 guests and the whole thing was homemade! Wild! Anyway, I helped yesterday morning — it was the least I could do. Here are my contributions:


Fruit Salad

I also cut what seemed like an impossibly huge amount of Russian potato salad. My brother-in-law is the only man I’ve ever made the salad for and that is how it will stay — sorry, hubby, dearest! I hate that salad with a vengeance–overdosed on it as a teenager.
After the candles were blown, the cake cut, and the plates cleared — hubby, Sophia and I headed home (aka the All Inclusive).


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    May 8, 2013

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