Made With Love

Sophia turned 1 just recently and we had a lovely tea party in her honor. We’ve since been a little preoccupied with getting ready for Halloween and preparing for Hurricane Sandy and so this post is a little late. Sophia was fortunate to be surrounded with lots of friends and family on her big day and received many lovely presents. Each one is special and we are trying to ration opening them since she’ll have to wait until next October for a whole new batch.

I wanted to share one particularly special present: a little bed for a doll made by my dad and custom bedding made by my sister.

It is beautiful! Made from lovely light wood and stained and sealed by hand by my wonderful nephew late at night right before it was to be presented to Sophia. My parents and sister collaborated in secret and even hubby and I did not know. The mattress and pillows are hand-made and hand-stuffed finished off with custom bedding including a quilt and pillow shams. What I wouldn’t give to have gotten something like this when I was a child.

This beautiful piece of art has become a staple in our family room. Sophia routinely comes up to feed the dolly (also given by my sister, brother-in-law and nephew) in the bed. Since she doesn’t sleep with a pillow yet, Sophia routinely tosses them off and climbs in bed to be with her “Lyalya”.


  1. Dana said:

    This bed is magical! Send me back to my childhood… My grandfather used to make amazing wooden toys and grandma decorated them!

    October 30, 2012
  2. Dana said:

    “Sends me back” I meant…

    October 30, 2012

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