This is How it Must Be

We’ve been rocking children’s Tylenol and Benadryl to combat post-nasal drip and a mean case of teething since Saturday. Sophia’s been easier to get to bed since Benadryl is drowsy, sort of. At first, she gets a huge energy boost from it and then crashes. Yesterday evening was probably the first time where she wanted to lay down on her floor pillow with her real pillow and a blanket and just fall asleep.

I have to be honest; I have never seen this before (her wanting to go to bed… we’ve been rocking to bed since… well … forever) and credit it to the post-high Benadryl crash effect. This happened of course after we read four books of her choosing and I managed to convince her that the light and the books all have to go to bed. As I sat there making sure I didn’t breathe too loud and praying that she’d go to sleep easily and effortlessly, I realized that this is how it must be for some parents whose kids happily climb into their beds and just turn over and fall asleep. Lucky them and their kids who don’t wake up every 1-2 hrs even at 20 months of age.

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