Just A Little Longer

Every parent dreams of the moment the kids are asleep when you can just kick back and take a moment for yourself. I caught myself wishing a tired and grumpy Eliza would just go to bed and let me have a few precious moments all to myself before my own bedtime. And then, as I cradled her softly humming a melody she enjoys, I started regretting my very own wish.

Her head resting on my shoulder, she drifted between sleep and wakefulness. Her little arms haphazardly piled atop my shoulders she felt and smelled divine. That young baby smell that seems to fade more with every month, with every new milestone. Her soft hair tickling my neck, I suddenly and finally relished it—her babyhood. Now that it is slipping away so quickly and knowing that it is my last chance to relish it—since our family is complete—I suddenly cannot get enough of it. Ironic, no?

The last six months flew by, each month faster than the last. It must have been like this with Sophia, but I don’t remember. Back then, I wanted to rush through her milestones because … because I was a different mother and in a different place. Because I knew then that I would have another chance. And while I can’t get enough of Eliza and her babyhood, I catch myself madly and utterly besotted with Sophia. True, no longer a baby, she is magical.

snoopyAnd then, there are moments like this one. She’s napping on her snoopy pillow, cradling her new snoopy stuffy no doubt dreaming of Charlie Brown which happens to be her very new favorite cartoon.


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