We’re off to the races… A Weekend in Pictures

‘Tis the [family birthdays celebration] season for us. Evan, Sophia and I made the first of a few journeys up north to celebrate Rosh Hashanah and our little cousin’s 3rd birthday. The birthday was on my side of the family, but we stayed with my in-laws as they live closer to my cousins than my parents do. We were looking forward to seeing Evan’s family and especially his grandmothers for whom a trip to Maryland is not as easy anymore.



This picture was tough to pass up as a moment and you can see why… my heart melts at the attention and amount of time my father (and mother)-in-law spend with Sophia. There is also more significance here — I don’t do sandb0xes. Sophia has never played in a sandbox. She has played in the sand at the beach … you know … where sand belongs. That said, another first for her and another first with my in-laws. I am grateful they provided Sophia with the experience and let me keep my hands sand-free.


This moment was late, but some moments are worth waiting for. That’s three generations of our family. I may not say it… and it isn’t consciously planned, but the moments I share, the ones I select, are always earned. We have a big family, and eventually, everyone will make it into our moments … it is just that spending more moments with Sophia, begets more moments pictures.


I couldn’t be more excited to get to the party. We missed two summer birthdays already because we were away and I hadn’t seen my cousins’ children for about 6 months. Children grow up fast and I don’t want to miss a beat. Evan and I also want Sophia to grow up with her cousins — that’s very important to us.





There are more pictures… the ones below are taken by my sister-in-law — she spent a lot of time with her niece and showed her best side.





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