Tiny Esoteric Tastes

I was browsing Netflix the other day to replenish some children’s offerings. I added “The Croods” to our queue for Sophia to see. Always striving to be helpful, Netflix started to suggest other cartoons including Dora the Explorer and Blue’s Clues. I recall seeing snippets of these and others while flipping through channels years ago but have not had to sit through any of them as a parent. We are not keen on sitting our kids in front of the TV though Sophia watches a bit while eating and we sometimes do a movie night with homemade popcorn. The making of popcorn is just an enjoyed as the product itself and is a science lesson in its own right.

But I digress… I have noticed that Sophia’s tastes in movies/shows/cartoons are esoteric ranging from the very typical Curious George to Nu Pogodi, to Misha Masha, Cheburashka, Snoopy, MotorWeek Trends, and even a YouTube channel of a hairdressing archeologist. Sophia has watched many Disney fairy tales and is, like every other little girl and some big kids too, in love with Frozen. She also loves Winnie the Pooh. And while fairy tales are essential to a childhood, I believe it is this very emergence of esoteric tastes that will undergird the development of her unique persona. I believe she will grow up to be someone who is fascinating. Meanwhile and because today is #TBT, here’s a photo of a 9 month old Sophia at our old pool club.


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