Mommy’s Science Bootcamp: Applied Chemistry

Due to extremely unfortunate circumstances, our nanny was not able to take care of the girls the past three days. Since we’re an egalitarian household and both work full-time, we split the childcare responsibilities. I took Monday and admit that I was nervous about what I was going to do with Sophia and Eliza for a whole day. That’s eleven hours for those of you who are counting. Eleven.

Alas, I rose to the challenge, perspired and persevered ;-). There were the usual shenanigans including crafts, music and dancing for Sophia and then there was time in the bouncy chair and the interactive walker for Eliza and then there was a nap which was their nap but entirely for me. A standout activity of which I am proud was an applied chemistry lesson. I have previously blogged about our philosophy on involving Sophia in cooking and that has now translated itself to applied sciences. Sophia loves to play with pasta in the kitchen, so going with the kitchen activity theme, I suggested that we see what things in the kitchen can melt. We talked about candles and ice cream and then I asked her if salt would melt or dissolve in water. She didn’t know, so I set up a little station for her with kosher salt, water and a few containers and let her explore. It was the best idea to occupy her for 30 minutes and in the end, she learned a great deal, too. Considering Sophia is just three, I’d say that this Mommy’s science bootcamp was a success.

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