Play-Schemes: What We’re Up To

It has been a while since I’ve talked about what Sophia is up-to now-a-days. Her activity, toy choices and even playmates change based on her interests which have grown over the past few months. My mother-in-law, who is a childhood education expert, tells me that I should expect to see an even bigger jump in play-skills, personality and interests in the coming 6 months. Since Sophia’s our first child and I am the youngest, I have no idea what to expect and find every day to be the equivalent of unwrapping a present.

Generally, I have seen a broadening of Sophia’s exploratory behavior and she has moved from solely tactual exploration to attempting to fit the object into her world and her play schemes. I see an increased attention span where arts and crafts are concerned with crayons and now finally, markers dominating her craft table activities. She always has in me, a willing companion for coloring. For whatever reason, I find the activity to be incredibly relaxing after a workday and always find myself asking her to color with me.

Sophia loves stickers, but not just any stickers, the squishy sticker puzzles are her absolute favorite. She got a set from Evan’s uncle, aunt and cousins and I have since purchased another one with a different theme.

An increase in attention span has translated in greater advances with unit blocks that my mother-in-law praised for the last 12 months. I was skeptical at first, but must admit, that unit blocks are pretty wonderful. Not only does Sophia enjoy playing with hers, but we enjoy them too. She has not yet fully transitioned to 3-D building but we are not in a rush. We build with her and sometimes for her, letting her explore the creations and more importantly topple/destroy them so that we can start over again.

She does well with non-connecting puzzles, but lacks the attention span and spatial reasoning skills necessary for connecting ones. This is something we’ll need to work on.

Lastly, there are of course legos and our joint appreciation of them. Evan and I love legos and could still occupy ourselves with them for hours. It turns out that Sophia has either inherited this trait from us, or perhaps legos are just universally loved. Either way, she loves building towers and arranging little lego people and flowers in her lego play schemes.

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