Oh Oh, Here Comes the Play-Doh

The day has finally come… we’ve embraced our inner crafters and Play-Doh. Let me rewind a month or so back when Sophia was terrified of play-doh. Not at first, but as soon as I ripped the little lump of play-doh apart to shape it into fun figures, she broke down into inconsolable tears. Patiently, we stowed it all away and decided to give her some time.

Well, that time has finally come. I feel like I’ve been waiting with baited breath for Sophia to get into crafting. I love it and would really enjoy sharing the time with her and creating something. We played with one tiny little tin of play-doh yesterday and made a rabbit, a flower, and a bow. Why the bow? Because a little someone in our family is head over heels about Minnie Mouse’s Bowtique.


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