It Really Takes a Village

It was a busy, friend-filled weekend—you will have to take my word for it because there is little photographic evidence of this. One of the reasons for moving back to this area was to reclaim the life and friends we thoroughly missed. Having decided that seeing friends isn’t just left for birthday parties, and because almost every single girlfriend of mine is about to have a baby, we made plans to catch up and see our kids play together.

Sitting here, finally cooled off from having spent a few hours steaming away outdoors, I realized that many of the conversations I had had revolved around a central theme—support. Each of the friends I saw this weekend has asked, received, relied and embraced the support of family and friends in support of their growing families.

Speaking of support or because we maybe (actually) love seeing them dote on the kids (and us, too), we’ve enjoyed back-to-back time with Baba and Deda, too.

IMG_3630 (1)

My dad, as it turns out, is an exceptional play-doh-er. Sophia couldn’t get enough of Deda time and even Eliza tried to get in on the action. Seeing at the kids run around my parents, I can’t help but look back on July 2014 when we had had a not-yet-3 year old and a newborn, when life had been a bit different; I am amazed at how much things change even in one year, how fast time flies, and how much I underestimated the degree to which our lives will change when we had a family. The one constant that I always knew was that our families are always going to be there, they will always stand by, come over, and play-doh.

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