Weekending: Time Away and the Heart

Distance does indeed make the heart grow fonder—even the littlest of hearts. This weekend marked the first one since Eliza’s birth that Evan was away from our home overnight. He had a great reason to be away too—his future brother-in-law’s bachelor weekend. As difficult as it was for Evan to get away, we felt it was important to support his sister and represent her family.
He drove eight hours to get there (Saratoga Springs) and drove back two days later.
Meanwhile, I held the fort down here with the help of my mother-in-law and my parents. I couldn’t have managed the girls on my own yet and feel very fortunate to have had the support that enabled Evan to get away for a guys’ weekend.
When he finally arrived here yesterday, he rushed past me and a feasting Eliza to play with Sophia and she was just so thrilled to see him again. She wanted to share all her weekend activities with her Papa and play just with him. I loved witnessing their reunion and how warm it was.

The picture is not my finest photography but the content is what really matters: Sophia in her chef’s hat cooking at her play kitchen with petite mittens.

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    August 22, 2014

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