Weekending: Reminiscing

My friend Amanda and I met in grade school and we became fast friends keeping in touch all through the years. We’ve stood by one another when we needed someone most and I know that I can be myself with her. What’s more is that she will always be honest with me even if what she has to say is not what I want to hear. Having moved to Maryland and having had kids had made getting together very difficult. But now that we’re back in Philadelphia, meeting up for a little girls’ get-together was much easier. And so on a very rainy and icy Sunday afternoon, two women popped into a neighborhood pub for a drink, some snacks and wonderful conversation. The magic that is long-lasting and meaningful friendship is that we picked up right where we left off the last time we saw each other just the two of us. And after catching up for a while and giggling like school girls, we were joined by Evan for a few minutes, too. It was just like the old times, it was wonderful.

In addition to spending time with a good friend, Evan and I also managed to capture some pictures of the girls to mark Eliza’s 7th month birthday.




Sophia is 39 months going on thirteen now-a-days. She’s quite the sassy lady, too.


Getting the two of them organized and taking these pictures is not an easy task, but it sure is enjoyable.

Topping off my weekend was a bit of time with one of my favorite pastimes—knitting.

KnittingI was young when my mom taught how to knit. She’s a master knitter, you know. I wasn’t particularly good at it then because it required patience and I was and still am, very impatient. I am getting better at knitting because I also work on my patience. Besides, the craft is incredibly relaxing and I love to see my work take shape.

Sunday night came too fast and I suppose it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun. As such, I don’t mind Monday because the weekend was so satisfying.


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