A Sudden Realization

Until recently, well… before Sophia, I felt young and that my whole life was in front of me. I could go anywhere, do anything, go out on on the town with friends with almost not notice, take a last minute vacation. I relished that freedom.

I realize that I can no longer go out on or take a last minute vacation what with having to pack all those diapers and baby food, but I still mostly thought I was young. I now realize that I am on the decline. It used to be that I could drink many a cup of coffee right before bed, go to bed, fall asleep and wake up rested and refreshed. Then, I had Sophia and I dreamed of just going to be and having her sleep a solid 4 hours. Now, I have insomnia! When she doesn’t sleep, I am miserable. When she does sleep, I cannot fall asleep and I don’t even drink coffee in the evening anymore.

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  1. Judi said:

    It may not seem like it now but…..In a blink of an eye, this too shall pass!!

    December 14, 2012

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