These posts all start out with a working title that is almost always Working. This time around, however, the title is apropos. It has been a little over a month since we’ve moved and there have been many changes in our everydayness. Some were driven by us by choice, others by circumstance, and others still by powers entirely out of our control.

We decided that there is no better time to sleep train Sophia than in the midst of a move and deep in the dull-drums of February. The process is/was incredibly arduous as we had no intention of employing any sort of crying-it-out. I am not even sure crying-it-out is even effective or sensible for a four year old. Whatever the age, it isn’t sensible for us. Thus far, the training has helped Sophia learn how to sleep in her own bed, albeit not without waking up at least once nightly. And while Evan and I are still exhausted, Sophia seems more rested in the mornings.

We’ve also cut out all media and entertainment during mealtimes and reduced overall exposure to TV and anything image-based to 30 minutes/day for Eliza and 1 hr/day for Sophia. Unlike the sleep training, this change was instituted suddenly and without preamble. To our surprise, there was no pushback from the girls and we have been pleasantly surprised at how entertaining our dinner-time conversations have been.

Lastly, but perhaps most important change (yes, even over our own sleep), has been the drastic reduction of toys we have made available to the girls. We have sorted and pruned about 70% of the toys that the girls had on hand at our previous home. As a result, we have noticed that the girls play more with each other, craft more, and spend more time with us. With the warmer weather practically at our doorstep, we are looking forward to shifting the majority of the okay from the home to the great outdoors.

Happy Monday!

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