Sunday Morning Spent in Style

Sleeping in is a thing of the past as are long coffee dates and lounging over a latte. That being said, the present is just as good if not better. This Sunday in particular marks a new, a season of being out and about, meeting people and spending time as a family. My parents aren’t the only ones who work multiple jobs to maintain a household. I am very proud of my husband for taking on three jobs for the past 7-8 months. He has his regular day job, owns his own business and took on a teaching gig at his alma mater. At last … , the teaching gig has come to an end and he’s blissfully basking in the freedom afforded by two jobs :-). This also means more family time. That, and the coming spring enabled us to make an excursion to Meridian Hill Park in D.C. to spend a lovely morning with a former co-worker of his and some friends … just … cavorting oh and slack-lining.


We all have our priorities … and Sophia’s are to pick dandelions!

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