Nap Date

… I am sure you haven’t heard of the term Nap Date before. Fear not… it is not a new concept. In fact, I now realize that nap dates are the reason parents stay sane … and have more children. Maybe, maybe not. It is the reason hubby and I stay sane. We put Sophia down for a nap and have a date — sometimes. Other times, we catch up on house/yard work. We try to leave the weekend to be as free and relaxing as possible so that we can maximise our time with Sophia and minimize our time out running errands. This weekend, we managed to squeeze a healthy lunch and a less than healthy drink to follow (yin and yang). First up is our kale and other hearty green salad with hothouse cucumber, carrot and red pepper with an avocado dressing.







Then there were the blood orange margaritas.Blood Orange MargaritaAnd that, ladies and gentlemen, made for a lovely Saturday. The weather was great, the food and drink oh so delicious and seeing my husband and child spend quality time together — well, that is just about as good as life gets.


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