A Sunday Morning

This Sunday morning happened to have also been Mother’s day; Left to our own devices – we let spontaneity rule and ended up having a glorious day. Sophia “wrote” me a Mother’s day card and so did my husband — her’s was a little more … abstract. While reading admiring her card, I couldn’t help but think about just how fortunate I am to have her in my life.

I have done quite a bit of thinking in the past few days on mothering, parenting, co-parenting, grand-parenting. On Mother’s Day in particular, I couldn’t help but think about the enormous responsibility it is to mother (not just be a mother). And then it happened — a small wish with an enormous meaning. My dad is not a man of many words. Though he is a colonel and appears stoic on the outside, he’s really a big teddy bear. He said to me yesterday that I was loved before, but am loved so much more, if that is even possible, because I gave him and my mom the ultimate gift (Sophia). Those words, so poignant, so touching helped me realize that Sophia is who she is, where she is and how she is BECAUSE of me and NOT DESPITE me. So take note, people. 🙂

Here are some snapshots from the day …


Farmer's Market 1

Farmer's Market 2


Playground Fun



Charcoal-grilled skirt steak marinated in a lime-scallion marinade served with baby tomato, cucumber and lettuce salad


Strawberry-rhubarb crumble with orange essence

Dinner served on a tablecloth purchased in Provence in 2007, flowers are azaleas from my own yard in a small vase my mom gave me…

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  1. Dana said:

    What a lovely Mother’s Day!

    May 13, 2013

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