Mother’s Day

How do you eat cake? First of all… it isn’t cake if doesn’t have more than 1 layer and frosting. Frosting is the absolute best part — well, almost always. Except in supermarket cakes; Those are sugary, tacky things that shouldn’t be called cakes and should come with insulin pills. The way I eat cake is by deconstructing it and saving the frosting (aka THE BEST PART) for last. So… in that same spirit, I saved this write-up for last.

We were sitting in my mother’s breakfast nook on Sunday enjoying our first cup of coffee while Sophia was enjoying some morning cartoons. For whatever reason, I looked down and saw my mother’s hands. I closed my eyes and pictured them, I saw hands that are young, lean, straight, untouched by arthritis. And then I opened my eyes and saw a heavier, wider hand showing the age of the person to whom it belongs. At first I felt sad. I want to forever see and remember my mom young, vibrant, and full of energy. But then, my sadness waned as I realized that those hands reflect the years of holding, comforting, hugging, feeding, rocking, cooking, soothing and playing that my mom has done. Those are the hands that did that for my sister and me and have done it for our own children.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers.

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