Science is Romantic

It has been almost five years since our wedding and if you can believe it, I have had the top tier of our wedding cake stashed in my parents freezer. My mother all but evicted it several times already and each time, I had managed to convince her to keep it just a little longer.

Traditionally, you’re supposed to eat it on your first wedding anniversary. We spent that anniversary blissfully in love celebrating in Italy. And so… my in-laws were visiting with us while we visited with my parents in Delaware. It seemed like the perfect time to try the cake — with all the people who supported us to the chuppah and since then too. Hubby and my mom (the pharmacist) were both curious about the goodness of the cake since it had been frozen for well… four and a half years.

Drumroll ….

Wedding CakeIt tasted… dry-ish and sweet. It wasn’t like I remembered it to be at the wedding. But then again, when you’re in love and celebrating, everything tastes like manna from heaven. I like tradition, but some things are best re-invented. We’ll celebrate our next anniversary with fresh culinary delights.


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