To The Women in Our Lives

Today is International Women’s Day and there is no better time to honor the leading ladies in hubby and my lives.

  • My Mom: an incredibly strong woman who gives unconditional love with effortless grace. Oh, and she is the best home cook, the most devoted grandmother. We call her Baba now and our Baba sprinkles tough love everywhere she goes. 
  • Hubby’s Mom: a passionate, engaged, caring mom who is a lifelong educator and the biggest supporter of the littlest people (our kids). She loves, cares, asks and always helps. She goes by Grammie now that Sophia is talking. Grammie makes the best, best, best-est chocolate cake and an amazing Thanksgiving spread.
  • Our Bubbie (in reality, hubby’s Bubbie — but I never feel that way): A classy mom who does everything with style and care. Her humentashen (that she posts iin the mail) make us feel at home wherever we are.
  • Our Grandmom(also hubby’s Grandmom — but I also never feel that way): Shines constant and unconditional love. She makes us smile when we hear her voice — always.
  • My sister: my other Mommy. She makes doing it all look easy. She’s my role model (most of the time :-)).
  • Hubby’s sister: brings an air of quirky, young and fun wherever she goes. She’s getting married sometime next year and we are excited to see her transition into the next chapter of her life.

Not with us today, we remember my two grandmothers. My mom’s mom (Baba) was … unbelievable, indescribable — just LOVE. My dad’s mom, I unfortunately never knew. I am told that in addition to carrying her name, I have inherited her personality. She had a joie de vivre about her and was passionate about everything and everyone.

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