Things I’m Crazy About

Things… things, not people. Otherwise, I’d start this post with “my baby, … hubby”…

There are those classics that never go out of style and then there are trends. I like to maintain plenty of classics and then update with a few things that are “in” that I happen to be jonesing for.

  • Boyfriend watches – hubby finds me amazing ones that are made in china in the same factories as fancy shmancy ones. They work just as well, look just the same and cost a fraction (a small one) of the price. I would agree that watches are something of an accessory and as such should be fine, except I beat mine up while taking over the world working. I also like to layer the watches with a few delicate bracelets to balance out the chunkiness of the watch.
  • Amazing ballet flats – because I am a mom now and heels are tough when lugging a giant meatball baby.
  • Anything from Anthropologie – though I usually limit myself to the sale rack there. Prices are quite steep and they take markdowns often…

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