A Birthday Cake for the Birthday Baba [Babushka]

Even though Sophia calls my mother Baba, we’re moving toward Babushka which is a very lovely and endearing term for a grandmother. She can alternatively go with Bubbie.

Anyway, Friday was our Babushka’s birthday and even though we didn’t get to spend her birthday day with her, we did get the weekend. We all know that birthdays are monumental excuses for cake and indulgence. I took this as an opportunity to indulge and bake a cake. This cake, a new one for me, was a caramel banana cake layered with caramel buttercream.



  1. Dana said:

    This cake looks soooo delicious! And Happy Birthday to your very special Babushka!

    October 3, 2013
    • Nadya said:

      Thank you. The recipe here, but after making it, I highly advise halving the recipe of the caramel. We didn’t need to drizzle it over the top. That would have made the cake over the top, too sweet. Also, not sure if you’ve ever made caramel, but best to have a very tall pot. I had a tall one, and still had some clean-up.


      October 3, 2013

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