Deeper Thoughts

I know, you’re probably coming here today looking for a Weekending post, a de-brief of what delicious goodies were being cooked over the weekend. I am still working on that post and you can admire our culinary morsels shortly. I think it is important to highlight that this blog is about the art of living and life sometimes demands deeper thoughts.

So here goes — Life is a journey — it is not a race. We only get one and, unless someone shows me undeniable proof otherwise, we should make the best of it. The way we live our life is a reflection of our ideas, beliefs, priorities and generally, the choices we make. Our successes and failures are the outcomes of the choices we made. I believe the following to be true especially here in the US — Our success and quality of life are highly correlated to the amount of hard work and dedication you are willing to devote to your craft.

The happiest people are those that are successful at something — anything. They are the ones that are passionate, hardworking, willing to take risks, make tough choices, make mistakes, learn from them and try again. These happy people are the ones that aren’t looking around at anyone else, they aren’t comparing themselves to anyone else. These happy people are marching to their own beat. This doesn’t mean their life is not without challenges, but they have a different attitude — they embrace the challenges and have the willpower to start over.

Funny I mention this — this is the attitude I learned from my parents. Here are a few other pieces of advice that I hear, I agree with, will share with Sophia as she gets older.

* Don’t lie, the truth will always come out.

* Don’t make others feel bad, even if they hurt your feelings.

* Everyone is different and has different abilities.

* You’re not better than anyone else.

* Earn, not expect your success.

* Marry for love, not money. Marry someone who is educated — beauty is fleeting, a brilliant mind is forever.

* Always find something positive in every negative situation.

* Don’t expect anything from anyone except when you’ve earned it.


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