Lego Cake

The summer and fall were busy seasons in our family as they were peppered with many children’s birthday celebrations. Although tiring to commute up north to Pennsylvania and Delaware, it is always great to see family and watch kids play together. This past Saturday marked the last of the children’s birthdays; It was my nephew’s 9th birthday and I had offered to make his cake. My sister and brother-in-law accepted my offer and gave me free reign on the theme. Their sole request was that the cake be any flavor other than chocolate. Begrudgingly, I agreed. I mean c’mon, how can you not want a chocolate birthday cake?!

Regardless, a roasted apple spice cake with cream cheese (and butter) frosting was baked with love and adorned with fondant legos. It was a hit with the kids and sophisticated enough for the adults despite the aqua blue icing. Maybe next year, I’ll make Sophia’s cake…

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