Everything including the Sisters Forever necklaces was just so for our evening outing on Easter Sunday. We, and what seemed like a thousand other people, thought ourselves none-the-wiser in venturing out to Franklin Square for a carousel ride. The place was packed which, admittedly, did not diminish our enjoyment though we did retire to a quiet oasis of a park nearer our house and played tag. Something about spring, the blooms, and the warmer weather makes everyone restless and excited to stretch their limbs on the green grass.

The blog has been quiet inversely reflecting the freneticism of our daily lives and, still, there is not much to write about despite the busyness. Instead, I’ll share some recent verbal bloopers which had us in fits of giggles.

Eliza: “Mama, does this ipress (impress) you?”

Sophia: “If you don’t give me this, you and I won’t be besties ever again!”

Eliza: “I am so glad our family is back together again!”

Sophia: “Mama, were you a princess for Papa at your wedding?”

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However it happened, it did. And while I could regale you with detailed descriptions of all the happenings, I will just say that I am quite certain Sophia is plotting to move into my sister’s house permanently what with being served not one, not two, but four desserts (two birthday cakes and two home-made ice creams).




The weekending post is abridged this week in honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day. I asked a circle of mothers, who are in different stages of their roles as mothers, to share their Mothering Perspectives. We’re kicking off with an essay from a very dear great-grandmother. There’s no better way to describe this mother of three, grandmother of four and great-grandmother of two other than an effortlessly chic and classy lady. So enjoy and check back tomorrow and thereafter for more motherhood perspectives.

Ever since I was a little girl, playing with dolls, I always wanted to be a “mom”.  I was very fortunate to have had a devoted and caring Mother. She was always “there” for me.  She always prepared foods that I liked and was home to greet me after school.  There was only one problem….she was overly protective. I feel that the anxiety she felt for her family was passed on to me.  When it is embedded as a child, it is most difficult to change.

Being a mother was a full time job for me.  It was filled with responsibilities as I knew it would be.  I think it’s more difficult to raise children today.  Every generation has its problems, but with exposure to so many technical changes, I believe children learn more and grow up too quickly.  It is also harder for the working mom to balance her time.

My children were very easy as infants.  They slept through the night at six weeks and had sweet dispositions. The teenage years had its problems but, as a family, we worked through them.  Watching them grow into adulthood, succeed in what they wanted to do and most of all to be fine individuals, has been a great joy for me.

It’s wonderful being a grandmother and having great-grandchildren is an extra bonus; I can just relax and enjoy them.  Being able to be part of the next generation with my family is a blessing.  They are my greatest joy.   My advice to future Mothers is enjoy your family and don’t sweat the small stuff!  The years pass too quickly.  The love that is given to you will be unconditional and precious.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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