The Mad Dash

The mad dash is what happens when we aren’t home over a weekend. The weekends, you see, are usually designated for me spend a good amount of time cooking and prepping to ensure that I can come home on a weekday, reheat and relax play with Sophia. While we were thrilled to be hosted, unwind and enjoy some great quality time with our friends, we were running around like mad when we got home to bootstrap ourselves for the week, at least a little bit.

Having gotten home at close-to-4-PM, we needed to have dinner on the table within an hour and a half, breakfast and lunch for Sophia (at least) for Monday and tidy up our fairly un-messy home. I won’t keep you in suspense and share that we managed everything we’d planned though I recall collapsing into bed pretty exhausted. One of the ways we are able to manage is that we are each interchangeable with the other for almost any task around the house. For example, on Sunday, Sophia wanted to play with me, so Evan made the most amazing chicken schnitzel, roasted potatoes and asparagus while I unpacked us and started a few loads of laundry for good measure, too.

I couldn’t avoid time at the stove and some pancakes and a chocolate banana bread followed the schnitzel. The wisest decision we made was to pick up a few grocery necessities while visiting our family so that we wouldn’t have to run out to the store as soon as we got in. I am constantly surprised how much variety of food we have to keep at home having Sophia who needs three meals and two snacks a day.

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