The World Is Magical

What did you dream about when you were younger? What did you wish you could do? I dreamed about inventing and building things that would do whatever I envisioned. Perhaps my career choice (computer scientist) is apropos in that I can invent and build a software that does a great many things.

Imagination is very important to all of us, but it is essential to early childhood development. Imaginative play and creativity should not be stifled as they let children create their own little worlds with magical powers and it is through those that children learn their place in our world.

I was reminded of this by the Google Doodle contest that is run every year. This year, the contest’s theme is about making the world a better place by inventing something. All of the entries are fascinating and very impressive given the ages of the doodlers.

Now ask yourself this, “What would I design to make the world a better place?”

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