Weekending: Seeing is Believing

All has been quiet on this blog for a bit and that is due to a few colds we’ve been weathering. Spring colds or warmer weather colds are the worst. You are home, feeling poorly and watching as the rest of the world comes to life and blooms. Thankfully, we’re mostly over them and have moved on to the next worst thing — seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies though, did not  keep us away from visiting my in-laws and attending our good friends’ daughter’s first birthday party. In between of all the driving, and there was quite a bit of it, we did enjoy time at my in-laws and even a dinner out with my sister and her family.



Bubbles, bubbles are all the rage. Who wouldn’t want to squeal with delight trying to catch these bubbles?

SeeingIsBelieving1… and then there are always care-taking duties to attend to like feeding your baby. You’ll notice, Sophia even put a bib on the baby. Grammie and Pop’s house is like a toy wonderland and she loved it so much, she didn’t want to leave. Hopefully, we’ll get visitors soon. As usual, I will cook in exchange for having Sophia entertained.


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